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Full-Time Training

The chance of success in any profession requires talent, passion, tenacity, confidence and luck. This applies even more so, to the Performing Arts Industry.

According to the actor’s union Equity, two thirds of performers are out of work at any one time. That means that a third are in work – we want to make sure that’s you.

These are tough facts to face and you must ask yourself ‘Is there anything else I can do that will make me happy?’  If not, and you’re still reading, then you have taken the first steps in choosing the right training for a career in Performing Arts.

Over 90 % of our graduates work in the industry!

SA Performing Arts Centre is the north east’s only full-time vocational college. We provide stimulating and dynamic training which enables SA students to graduate ready to pursue a professional career in the highly demanding and constantly evolving industry. We look for those who are seriously dedicated, ambitious and most importantly – talented.

The course is structured over three years and split into two sections –

Years 1 & 2: SA Professional Training

Specifically designed over an intensive four day week, covering the three core subjects of Dance, Acting and Song as well as contextual studies. Our expert creative team recognises and nurtures each individuals’ needs, talents and strengths, to create multi-skilled, professional performers.

Year 3: SA Professionals

Based on the traditional style ‘Rep Theatre’. SA professionals put their skills into practise by completing a minimum of five public performances throughout the year in five different styles, venues and genres. This practical style of training prepares them for the rigorous demands of a successful career and equips them with the relevant skills, experience and knowledge required to seek professional contracts.

SA Professionals is also available as a top-up year for performers who have previously trained and are looking to gain further practical experience in the industry.


The key to any performer’s training is the experience gained from live performance; we believe it is here that knowledge is truly embedded as performers learn their art. Throughout the course our students showcase their abilities in performances ranging from Drama to Musical Theatre, Cabaret to TIE to each year culminating in our bespoke graduation showcase produced in association with SA Productions.


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