Lucy Sage


The local media have taken to calling us ‘the real life Fame’, but to my students and I, we are The Sage Academy of Performing Arts.”

Lucy started dancing relatively late at the age of nine; it was three years later that her teacher, Christine Barron (whom her parents have yet to forgive), suggested she audition for the world’s most famous stage school ‘Italia Conti Academy’. Much to her parents dismay she was accepted and that September left her home, family and friends in Morpeth, Northumberland, to embark on six demanding but exciting years of training in London. By graduation, she had gained teaching qualifications in dance (I.S.T.D.) and drama (L.A.M.D.A.), and had mastered the skills required to enter the professional world of show business.

After successfully working in the South East as a Performer, Teacher and Director of a Professional Actors Agency, Lucy swapped her three bedroom house in Bethnal Green for a run-down snooker hall in Byker (complete with eight tables), she returned home with a vision: to open the North East’s first full-tme stage school. Her aim was to provide an opportunity for the wealth of local talent to train at a professional level, without the disruption to home life she had.

“I was repeatedly told it could not be done in Newcastle; that it was a fool’s errand.  Within a year I was proving my critics wrong, and will continue to do so.  The beauty of realising my own dream is that the dreams of our future stars are being realised at the same time.”

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